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The Outstanding Greatness of Bordeaux Reds 2016 and their differences with 2005, 2009 and 2010

by Jean-Marc Quarin, 12 March 2017

This vintage has something genius, unusual and inexplicable about it. A fabulous and very rare combination perfectly balanced between a fantastic quality of tannin, moderate alcohol degrees and sustained but imperceptible acidity. ... full article


First Imperssions From Bordeaux En Primeur 2016

by James Suckling, 24 March 2017

After tasting 400 wines in the last six days, I can confirm that 2016 is an exceptional vintage equal to the exquisite 2015. In some regions like St. Estephe and the Northern Medoc, the wines are even better. These young wines already show beautiful fruit, bright acidity and linear tannins. They offer much of the same potential quality as 2015 but in a different profile—energy is the word that comes to mind—with slightly lower alcohols and stronger acidities. ... full article


Bordeaux En Primeur 2016: It's A Left Bank Year! (Day 14)

by James Suckling, 31 March 2017

I’ve now tasted more than 1,000 wines from the 2016 vintage in Bordeaux. I can again confirm that it’s an excellent year, producing dynamic and well-structured wines that are fresh and balanced. These wines represent the new renaissance of Bordeaux where harmony, refinement and energy are the new keywords for the region — not raw power and high alcohol. Bordeaux is back. ‘We are making wines that we want to make, and that we want to drink,” said Stéphane Derenoncourt,one of Bordeaux’s top consulting enologists. ... full article


James Suckling: The Top 100 Bordeaux En Primeur 2016

by James Suckling, 4 April 2017

Bordeaux is one of the best value wine producing areas in the world, a reality easily forgotten since we spend so much time talking about the top wines that can cost over $500 a bottle (and even more). These trophy wines represent a tiny percentage of the total production of France’s premier wine region. There’s more to Bordeaux than just first growths, though Lafite-Rothschild, Mouton-Rothschild and Haut-Brion were the only wines to receive perfect scores in en primeur. ... full article


Decanter.com: Sauternes 2016 first impression: ‘Names count’ in a mixed vintage

by Jane Anson, 4 April 2017

This is a very good year for many estates, with good purity of fruit thanks to a lack of grey rot, and long ageing potential. But, buyers will need to pick carefully in a mixed year and some wines struggle to stand out from the crowd. ... full article


Decanter.com: Bordeaux 2016 Right Bank: Anson's First Impression

by Jane Anson, 6 April 2017

The Right Bank 2016 wines that I have so far tasted during Bordeaux en primeur week are not as immediately sexy as the 2015 vintage, but they are still voluptuous and beautifully structured, with perfectly ripe fruit and clear potential for long ageing. ... full article


Decanter.com: Bordeaux 2016 in Médoc: Anson’s first impression

by Jane Anson, 10 April 2017

Bordeaux 2016 en primeur wines are better than 2015 across the northern Médoc as a whole, and drinkers may find more buying options in second wines and smaller estates than in recent years. ... full article


After a Blockbuster Year for Bordeaux, the Top 18 Wines to Buy

by Elin McCoy | Bloomberg.com, 12 April 2017

I’m not going to beat around the bush: The best wines from this vintage are exceptional, with plenty of superstars as impressive as, or much better than, their 2015 versions. Many chateau owners feel the wines are the best they’ve ever made. (Of course, I’ve heard that before.) The style of 2016 is different and enticing: The wines brim with fresh, floral aromas and cool red fruit flavors, silky textures, complexity, and smooth, tightly packed tannins. ... full article


A Round-up Of Notes from Wine Spectator Senior Editor James Molesworth

Bordeaux has reversed its recent trend line. Vintages '11, '12 and '13 took the region down a few pegs after the highs of 2009 and '10. But with a very solid 2014 and potentially even better '15, things are looking up. And here comes 2016, perhaps even better still.” – James Molesworth, Wine Spectator, March 21, 2017

That was a little sum-up before Wine Spectator senior editor James Molesworth spent 3 weeks in Bordeaux to taste the 2016 vintage from barrel. Rather than giving panoramic views of each appellation, Molesworth took us up close and personal with highlights of each appellation he visited. We compile his journals here so you could take a quick tour with him.

In the scores that Molesworth had released in the past weeks, Ducru-Beaucaillou, Leoville-Lascases, Pavie and La Mondotte were ranked the top four red wines (first-growths excepted) with the score of 97-100.

Follow the links below for his reviews:

2016 Bordeaux Barrel Tasting:

April 3, 2017: Top Scoring Dry Whites

April 4, 2017: Top Dessert Wines

April 5, 2017: Top Scoring Reds


The 2016 Bordeaux Barrel Diary:

March 24, 2017: The Race is on in St.-Estèphe

March 27, 2017: Pauillac Neighbors

March 28, 2017: Diverse St.-Julien

March 29, 2017: The New Old Guy At Margaux

March 30, 2017: Highlights from Pessac and Margaux

March 31, 2017: The American First-Growth

April 7, 2017: A Sweet Finish